How set assigned to user into no value by default when creating a meeting


In meetings module, how can I set the value of the field:“assign to user” into none by default?

Currently, when about to schedule a meeting, the field is automatically filled/assigned to the one who has about to create it.
It should not have any value until we selected a user to be assigned to it.

Any advise please?

Hi Indigo21,

If you do the following, this should work:

Navigate to /custom/modules/Meetings/views/
and create view.edit.php

so it becomes /custom/modules/Meetings/views/view.edit.php

In the view.edit.php file, enter the following code:

class MeetingsViewEdit extends ViewEdit
    function display() {
        //JS to make Assigned to field blank by default
        $jsscript = <<<EOQ

        if(empty($this->bean->fetched_row['id'])) { // If record is being created, not edited
            echo $jsscript;     //echo the script

After this, Run a Quick Repair & Rebuild in your CRM and clear your browser’s cache.

You should now have a blank “Assigned to” field when scheduling a meeting.


Hi John,

Thank you for your reply.

May I also confirm how about for import?

Currently, when I import a set of meeting without “assigned to user”, all imported meting data was assigned to my account automatically.

I think for it to work with Importing, you’d be able to either write a Logic Hook or create a Workflow to change the value of the “Assigned to” field.

However, as far as I know, there is no way to distinguish whether or not the record being saved is from Import or from the Editview.

A workaround for this may be to create a checkbox field to signify whether the record was created via Import, and then the Workflow/Logic Hook could pick up on that.

Otherwise, any Logic Hooks or Workflows would likely run on all meetings, not just imported ones.