How not to hide the link of the active module from the dropdown menu


I would like to modify the suitecrm so that it does not hide the link in the menu even when the page is open in the module.

I believe that this modification should be made in the file: _headerModuleList

but I didn’t find it, could someone help me?

What link do you mean? Maybe a screenshot makes it easier to understand what you are referring to?

for example, I’m on the calls page, but in the dropdown menu “calls” is not displayed, I would like the link to the modules in the menu to be displayed always


I don’t get that behaviour in my 7.10.25. Which version are you on?

Other things you can check:

  • see for yourself on the live demo
  • try it without a language pack
  • change in the layout options of the user profile, “sort modules alphabetically” (mine is on)
  • check if you have a custom version of _headerModuleList.tpl already, how it compares to the latest version on Github - your earlier changes might be breaking this

my version is: 7.10.7

my _headerModuleList.tpl file is modified, but even placing the original, the same thing happens.

probably in later versions this doesn’t happen, but I don’t know where to modify it in my version

Do a side-by-side comparison of the two files (7.10.7. vs current)

The part that you should pay attention to is this