How much storage space do i need to install suitecrm?

I’m setting up suitecrm for a small one user thing .

I can’t find any easy to understand guide on what requirements are needed to set it up.

How much space do i need on a server for the database?

(i know it depends on use case but for a small business with 1 user and maybe 1-5k contacts and 10k contacts max.)

Is standard basic webhost suitable?

Would it be better to run it locally on a nas or a wamp install or something?


Hi, that calculation would be really complex to do, since the data in a CRM can have many relationships etc. So you won’t find many numbers simply because they would easily be misleading.

I think your database shoulnd’t take up much space, and I believe even a simple hosting could suffice, but the only thing you can do is test it, set up the server, load up the data and see how it goes. Or load a subset of the data and calculate from there.

for one user, with few thousand contacts and accounts, I trust 1-2 GB total space will suffice over months.

keep in mind few things.

  1. The need of space will grow over time, as CRM keeps tracks things in the tracker table. so either keep it cleaned.
  2. You should only Active “Required” Schedule job. Try to avoid “ASAP” job until not needed.
  3. keep running “Purge” deleted records job , so that space is getting cleaned.

I understand you want to keep the low cost as a startup, using shared hosting. which is OK.