How Menu.php works in this new theme?

In SugarCRM we used Menu.php to create menu shortcuts for “CRUD” and etc.

In this new theme, the “Menu.php” contents don’t show up anymore. How do we cope with that?

Any alternatives?

Thank you …

Hi iamoat,

Please see this link which details how to extend/modify module menus. Are you still experiencing issues after following these steps?



Will… thank you for the direction. I followed those instructions, but my shortcut doesn’t show up… any ideas?

In: suitecrm/custom/Extension/modules/Kreports/Ext/Menus I added menu.ext.php:

	$module_menu[] = Array(
		//Label String
		//Image icon. Icons are found in ./themes/default/images.
		// I just used an existing one.
		//Module Name

In: suitecrm/custom/Extension/application/Ext/Language I added en_us.helpmenu.php:

	$mod_strings['LNK_HELP'] = 'Help';