How long does it take to install standard SuiteCRM?

Been told by IT company that it will take 5 hours to install on one of our computers, seems way too long!

Any comments…

The actual install process is pretty quick, just timed it and it took 4 minutes (plain install, no demo data). However this is on a local machine where everything I need is already setup. If they need to set up a web server, install and setup PHP, install and setup a database server e.t.c. then this could take longer.

If you think this is unreasonable then it would be best to query this with them.


Thanks Jim. IT company charged us £619 for 5 hours work so we were a bit surprised.

I can confirm what Jim said, less than 10 minutes for pure installation. But this is only a basic set up. I have spent some hours now researching and trying to do all kinds of settings.

From this post and several others I am seeing, I gather that many users are these days trying to install, all of us having the exact same challenges. Can’t we join forces as a school class and make kind Jim"s and amariussi"s work more efficient?

Am struggling with suitecrm install on my windows 10 local machine since past 5 days, getting stuck at every step even though following the installaitno guide to the letter. I think the instructions given assume that we have knowledge of creating batch file, access permissions etc. And there are not enough documentation or forum help.

I did not want to use the third party installers such as bitnami.

Another couple of days of effort and if I am still unsuccessful, I am moving to another crm that is simpler to install and use.