How is in line list view editing supposed to work?

I am on list view for opportunities, and I’ll double click a field like sales stage. It shows a drop down as expected, I change it but no matter what I do it won’t save. If I press enter, nothing happens, if I click outside of the drop down a pop up appears saying “You have clicked outside of the field, if you are happy to lose your changes press OK otherwise press Cancel.” first who would be “Happy” to lose their changes? Anyway, you press cancel, click around, tab to the next field, no matter what I do if I refresh no changes have saved. What is the proper way to actually edit in line and retain the changes?

Hi Caleb

There is an issue logged on our Github repository in regards to inline editing a dropdown field:

Does this look like your issue?
If so, Ashley has made a change that should hopefully fix it:
If you make this change, run a Quick Repair & Rebuild in the CRM.

If this doesn’t look like your issue, could you provide some screenshots of the issue for further clarification?