How I can report a bug and its solution


I am not able to post into the bug tracker. I have found the following bug.

The date parameter in reports resets to blank after updating the parameter when generating the report. This bug is still inherited in 7.5.1 version.

The Solution could be: Please make following changes to file modules/AOW_WorkFlow/aow_utils.php on line 465.

} else if(isset( $fieldlist[$fieldname]['type'] ) && ($fieldlist[$fieldname]['type'] == 'datetimecombo' || $fieldlist[$fieldname]['type'] == 'datetime' || $fieldlist[$fieldname]['type'] == 'date')){
        $value = $focus->convertField($value, $fieldlist[$fieldname]);
        /* Bug: Only convert with to_display_date() if not in user date/datetime format */
       	if(!($timedate->check_matching_format($value, $timedate->get_date_format()) || $timedate->check_matching_format($value, $timedate->get_date_time_format())))
        	$value =  $timedate->to_display_date($value); 
       	/* Bug: Only convert with to_display_date() if not in user date/datetime format */

        $fieldlist[$fieldname]['value'] = $value;
        $fieldlist[$fieldname]['name'] = $aow_field;

You can’t create an issue here?


Thanks for your reply. I want to post about few more bugs and how I have fixed them.

Can I post the proposed solutions as well at ?

Can I post into this forum’s bug tracker ? It seems to be disabled.

Yes. You can create issues when there is no solution.
You can also make a pull request with your solution (make it against the Hotfix branch)

Start by
1- Clone the SuiteCRm github.
2- Do not edit your master branch (its the easy way to keep it synchronized with SuiteCRM master)
3- On your project you can clean up branches: clear them all but Master
4- Create a new branch on your cloned git to work on it
5- Edit the files on that branch
6- When done make a pull request against the SuiteCRm Hotfix branch. System will collect all changes in the different files and send that to SuiteCRM github as a proposal fix.
When approved you can delete your branch

Note: each different feature change should have its own branch so one fix can be approved without messing the other.

So: always make a new branch on your cloned github. Never make any edit on your master branch!

You should also read the Github faqs!