How does LeadConvert use template files?

I’m trying to understand LeadConvert code, but have hit a brick wall with how the tpl files are used.

The /modules/Leads/view.convertlead.php file contains the following line…

$ev->setup($module, $focus, $this->medataDataFile, "modules/Leads/tpls/ConvertLead.tpl", false);

Editing ConvertLead.tpl, or even deleting it has no effect on the lead convert page; even after clearing cache and repairing etc.

However if change the reference to the file, for example by changing :-1:

$ev->setup($module, $focus, $this->medataDataFile, "modules/Leads/tpls/ConvertLead.tpl", false);

to :

$ev->setup($module, $focus, $this->medataDataFile, "modules/Leads/tpls/**MYFILE.tpl"**, false);

does have an effect, and breaks some of the functionality

Why is this? It looks like the code in ConvertLead.tpl is not coming from the file modules/Leads/tpls/ConvertLead.tpl, but somewhere else? Yet I’ve searched everywhere and cant figure it out?

ahh… its getting the file from


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