How do you set the 'initial_filter' for a 'Flexrelate' or 'parent_type' field?


I am trying to set default filters for the different search popups that appears when setting the parent of a ‘meeting’.

I have seen examples on how to set the ‘initial filter’ of a ‘relate field’, but not for a flex relate.

I have also just realized that i no longer have a ‘flex relate’ field in studio? Has this been removed in recent upgrades?


did you get this to work? if so, would you mind sharing your solution?

I have the same issue and tried the initial_filter displayParms but information from the editView does not seem to pass to the popup search.

I have not managed to get this working, and thought i would revisit it.

I am thinking i need to override the modules/Meetings/MeetingFormBase.php in some way near the following :

            if (!empty($_POST['parent_id']) && $_POST['parent_type'] == 'Contacts') {
                $focus->contacts_arr[] = $_POST['parent_id'];
            if (!empty($_POST['parent_id']) && $_POST['parent_type'] == 'Leads') {
                $focus->leads_arr[] = $_POST['parent_id'];

What i’m trying to to achieve:

If the meeting has a value for parent id and the type is ‘Project’, then set the intial_filter for projects popup to be “status=current”.