How do you get purchases to appear under products?

I know that to have purchases show up you need to select ‘closed accepted’ under the quote stage drop down, however I have removed the default stages and created my own new ones, so none of these options create anything under the purchases tab. Hope someone can help

This appears in many places in the code:"closed+accepted"&unscoped_q="closed+accepted"

My advice is for you to leave the internal value the same, in Dropdown editor: ‘Closed Accepted’ (note the uppercase letters)

Then just change the label that appears to your users to whatever you want to be the state that has this effect.

Thanks for the reply. Although the closed accepted option has already been deleted, not knowing it would be needed to be kept for the purchase history, now I am not sure how to get one of the new options to do the same as the ‘closed accepted’ option did

Just go in the Dropdown editor and each item has two things you can set:

Item Name:	Display Label:

For whatever your final stage is called, leave the Display label as it is (so your users won’t see a difference) but change the item name back to “Closed Accepted”.

You might need to fix existing rows in the database…

Thanks for the reply. I have tried entering “Closed Accepted” into the item name, and it comes up with this message

It does have a space in the original code… I think the Dropdown Editor is being over-zealous.

You can just change it your customization file produced by Dropdown Editor. Try searching your custom directory for “quote_stage_dom”

You’ll probably find it in


Thanks a lot, I don’t think im technical enough to look for that myself, so I’ll wait and get my IT guy to find it, thanks for your help

Morning, can you confirm the complete file path where you think it will be? Thanks in advance

Entry appears as follows.

$GLOBALS['app_list_strings']['quote_stage_dom']=array (
  'quoted' => 'Quoted',
  'Closed Accepted' => 'Won',
  'lost' => 'Lost',

As you can see we have changed it back to ‘Closed Accepted’ however it still does not show under purchases

That looks correct. Make sure you run a Quick Repair and Rebuild!

What you might be seeing now, is the effect of having the different value, previously. If you try with a new Quote, and put int he correct value, does it behave like you want?

If you have quotes in the database with the old value, they need to be changed (either manually, or with a Mass assign, or with some SQL from the database).

We have done the quick repair and rebuild, and I have created the new quote, set the stage to won (Closed Accepted). However when I go onto the product in the quote, the purchases sub panel is still empty!

Ok, I tried this in my test system and I wasn’t seeing any purchases showing in the subpanel either. So the problem is not just with re-labeling the Quotes stages (although I do think you should keep the fix to “Closed Accepted” that you made earlier).

I went and checked the database query and realized it mentions Accounts also. So I added an Account to the Quote I was experimenting with, and voilĂĄ, the purchase appears in the subpanel.

Does your Quote have a related Account? If you add one, does it solve the problem?

That has done the trick! Thanks a lot for your help through this

Hello again, similar topic. For some orders we do not send out quotes, we just raise an invoice, so how do I get the products in the invoice to appear in the purchases sub panel, if there is no quote involved? Thanks in advance

For that you will have to do some custom code.

Here are a couple of posts describing techniques to add or change subpanels: