How do you create a Target List for newly entered Targets?


I have a spreadsheet of new targets that I would like to upload and add to a specific Target List of only these new targets. It appears that I cannot do this. If I upload new targets, they are added to all of the targets I already have in SuiteCRM. And, there is not way to filter only these new entries to put into a Target List. Am I missing something?

I would like to run a campaign of emails to only these new Targets and not the Targets that were already in the system. How can I do this?

Is there a way to directly upload the spreadsheet into a Target List?

This seems like a common thing to do – you get a list of targets or leads and then do an email blast to only these new targets.


At step 5 of the Import wizard, you get a button to “Add to Target List”.

That is from the SugarCRM Docs, but it also works in SuiteCRM.

EDIT: I just learned this now, and I went and added the tip to our own Documentation :slight_smile:

this is not working in 7.10.4. It does not work on import and neither within the target modules and target list.

The problem with the Target list selector is probably this one

it is fixed in 7.10.5, which should be coming out soon.

If anybody wants to apply the fix manually it’s here:

(click “view” and grab the entire file content, it’s easier than going through every little change)

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