How do you change field titles?

I just installed SuiteCRM on my serveur, which I will use to follow-up the contacts and the projects of my personal business.
It looks great. I have personalized 4 tabs and edited some of the Dashlets headers.

To fully customize this CRM to my specific needs, I would like to be able to edit some of the fields for some of the objects. For example, the document types allows to choose between types which are not relevant to my work. I would like to see “Terms of Reference”, “Technical and Financial Proposal”, etc instead of the document types by default. It is the same for other objects, such as “Opportunities” types, etc.

Can I edit those fields within Suite CRM ? I don’t master SQL, so I would prefer not to have to do SQL commands, but if I do have to, please indicate me precisely what commands to do.

Hi, welcome.

You can edit fields in Admin / Studio / Fields.

The ones you’re asking about where you select from a range of pre-determined options, are called “Dropdowns” and you change them in Admin / Studio / Dropdown editor.

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Thank you very much. In fact, for me the Dropdown editor appears below Studio, but at the same level in the hierarchy.