How do i use PDF Templates

Please can someone explain to me the function or role of pdf templates?
i read the CRM documentation but i don’t really understand the aim of these templates.
Maybe with a suitable example i can understan it better

They generate dynamic PDF’s from the data in records.

Maybe the part you’re not understanding is where you need to be in order to trigger their creation - the answer is: in any record. This part of the Docs should help:

PDF Templates :: SuiteCRM Documentation

okay i see but i have this problem now
I created a module and the option “Print as PDF” is not there .How can i add this option?

PDF’s in custom modules is not an included feature, though some people have managed to get it working.

Are you sure you need a custom module? Doing things with basic modules greatly facilitates things in SuiteCRM, due to all the extra features that are already there.

Maybe you can get a few strategic ideas from my introduction in this post here:
SuiteCRM Concepts Explained: Accounts, Contacts and Sub-Accounts – SuiteCRM In-depth – pgorod's collection of articles on SuiteCRM

For now i can say i don’t urgently need a custom modul but if in the nearest future i need a custom modul,how can i make it function?
That is a pic of a modul i created but i can’t see “Print as PDF” on the action menu.I was thinking about different solutions to the problem for example :

  1. Go to the modul i created and add a relationship between my module and the PDF Template
    i don’t know if it can work
    Screenshot (37)

No, that won’t work. As you can see by the tutorial I linked to… it’s done differently. And I am afraid I don’t know all the details, you’ll have to try it and see how it works…

okay thanks
i read your introduction in the post you sent to me and i have a question
in the introduction i can read the following " The most common relationship between these two central concepts is this: each Account can contain zero, one or many Contacts. These could be the many people you know inside an organization.

But you can also use an Account as an alternative way to group people. For example, you might create an Account called “Impressionists” and put all your impressionistic style Artists in it. You could - but I’m not recommending you do. A custom field called “Painting style” in the Contacts record might serve you better for these purposes."

My question : I know how to create a custom field but how is it possible to add it to Contacts because contacts iss a field/module too
Or am i confused with the words Custom Modul and custom fields?

Probably :slight_smile:

You can add custom fields inside standard modules like Contacts. Have a look in Studio (not in Module builder).