How do I turn off tool tips in the calendar?

When you mouse over a calendar event, a tool tip as a box opens with all details of the event. You have to X out of it.

How can I turn off this functionality in the calendar?

I hope you can help.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a check box to turn it off.

The tooltips are powered by the QTip js plugin. The calender uses the plugin. These QTips are initialised in the eventRender handler of the full calendar plugin which is found in the jssource/src_files/modules/Calendar/Cal.js:1043.

You could add a if statment or simply remove the “element.qtip” starting on line 1051 - 1104 of Cal.js. There isn’t currently an upgrade safe method to remove the QTips. As they are genereated on the full calendar render event. Perhaps you could override the event then control it from there. However, you would have to handle when then there are multiple calendars on the page.

If you do create checkbox. You may wish to consider contributing your changes back on GitHub.

Wow. This is my first time working with SuiteCRM and I didn’t expect such a quick response, with such detail.It was a brilliant help, and now I have a happy customer!

The change involved just commenting out the block of code you suggested and Repair JS Files.

I would like to get involved with development and will look to making a checkbox option for this, when I learn a bit more about the SuiteCRM code, and submitting it to GitHub

Thanks again for your help on this
Greg Ambrose