How do i search for a contact by email address using the new v8 API?


I’ve just started using the new v8 API and I can successfully get an access token and get a contact using filter by first name;


And it works :slight_smile:

But I’m trying to lookup by email. I know that the emails are stored on a separate table so I’ve trying to access it through the API using;


But the result is empty?

Does anyone have any thoughts as to where I’m going wrong?

looking into in more i have a 500 error.

Does anyone know how to get an email address object? im trying /api/v8/modules/EmailAddresses/359a0abc-c96e-be93-5710-5b7173cfc811 but it returns.

"errors": [
            "id": "1",
            "links": {
                "about": null
            "status": 500,
            "code": 8025,
            "title": "JSON API Error",
            "detail": "Api Version: 8",
            "source": {
                "pointer": null,
                "parameter": null
            "meta": {
                "about": "Exception",
                "class": "SuiteCRM\\API\\v8\\Exception\\ApiException",
                "code": 8025,
                "langMessage": null
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