How do I make SuiteCRM send me email notifications 1 month before agreement due date?


I want Suite CRM to send me an email reminder one month before agreement with my customer ends so that I can send a remainder to them.

The question is how do I do that? What’s the workflow rule, that will work for me? I have an email template ready and Suite CRM sends my emails. The problem seems to be the workflow.

If someone knows how to do that please lend me a helping hand.

My Suite CRM version is 7.9.12

Help :slight_smile:

What have you tried? Share your Workflow details.

We don’t know what “before agreement with my customer ends” means, what module is this, which field…


By agreement I’ve meant contract (I’m using a polish translation pack and didn’t know the correct translation – sorry).

Basically I tried to use the formula

Send me an email always when the contract end date is equal to today +/- 1 month (30 days etc.) and it doesn’t work for me – other mails are coming out and delivered ok.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong or don’t really understand the workflow mechanism.

Can you explain it to me in the most simple manner possible ( Unfortunately I’m not an IT specialist :frowning: )

Thank you in advance for the help.

Let’s start by making sure your Workflows are running from Scheduler. Note that not all Workflows run from there, some run directly from the app (like “on save” ones).

Go in Admin / Scheduler and enter the Workflows job. What does it say in the “Last run successfully” date?

If it doesn’t have one, or it’s very old, check the other jobs to try and figure out if any one of them has run recently.

No, none of them was done recently… :frowning:

But I have some notes there at the bottom regarding “crontab file” that tells me to add a command and a line of code to the cronotab file.

How can I do that. As I understand (checked it in google) I need an access to FTP server for that – am I right?

What are the next steps?

@pgr Thank you very much for your time… :slight_smile:

You need to setup the Scheduler jobs then.

What is your SuiteCRM hosted on? Is it Windows or Linux? Which version?

Is it your own server, or shared hosting?

Do you have SSH access? Much better than FTP.