How do I know Campaign is finished?

I have sent my Campaign
100 emails per batch.
How do I know if the Campaign is finished sending all emails?


Go in Campaigns module, click that Campaign, click “View status”

When I go to STATUS I can see Start date and End Date are empty!

Does that mean campaign is still running?

Did you fill in the dates?

Please upgrade to 7.10.4, some bugs were fixed.

Do you have cron jobs running? If you go in Admin / Scheduler, and click the job that sends emails, does it appear with a recent “last ran successfully time”?

Also look in Admin / Email message queue, you can force send from there.

Everything is running fine, schedullers, cron, email queue, fantastic!

I am just trying to understand what happens when the campaign is finished.

I realize I didn’t see what happens when I tested it!
Perhaps nothing hapens…

This is all the feedback you get in the Campaign Status, what more do you need?