how do i integrate my tool and database in SuiteCRM


I m new to CRM. I working in a subscription based company. Can anyone please tell me if any possibilities to integrate my existing report and functionalities with SuiteCRM. I have a list of trial users, customers and ticketing system also. I m installed suiteCRM in my local system and do basic installation steps. After login into the suiteCRM i saw some default functionalities. Here how can i import my reports and functionalies. Or how can i import my report database in this tool.

Please guide me if it is possibe or not? if possible please explain.

Thanks in advance


I am not sure what is your existing report and functionalities. But if you want to have similar functionality in SuiteCRM. First of all, you need to define your module vs SuiteCRM’s module and obviously, table structure will be different so during import you need to map correct fields. if you have relationship data, then you need to create a script to import those data because each software has their own architecture.

For report, I am sure you need to recreate after importation of your data. if default report functionality doesn’t satisfy your need, you may need to create custom report/page.

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Thank you so much for your reply.

I have another doubt.

If i create a custom module in suiteCRM its having default module type option like basic,company and sale.,etc

I want to create my own module type. If it is possible by the tool UI itself or i need work on code.

Tell me the possible way and explain steps needs to follow.



There are no such settings to add module type via UI, Even via coding, it will be a timeconsuming task.