How do I get the email adress autofilled when I send an invoice?

Hi everyone,
I would like to email invoices the same way as you can email contracts.
If I click on email contract the email form gets auto filled with the email address of the client, how can I get the same logic when I send the invoice or a quote?
Thanks for helping me out!


Look at this discussion. Perhaps it help you. Print button in subpanel

I don’t seem to get it… can you be more specific please? Thank you!


I think that I don’t understand you correctly. Can you give more detail information? Where is it?

Wel if I send a contract by clicking email contract as pdf i get a new window with the email form and the adress of the client pre-filled in the form so that I can send it right away. I would like to have that feauture in the invoice and quotes as well


Then my link is correctly. You should make customer entry point for Contract which will build pdf.