How do I get multiple fields from USERS to populate in a LISTVIEW?

I have created a custom module, we’ll call BAR, that does nothing but acts as collection of user ids.

However, my client would like to be able to view the contents of this module in a LISTVIEW, and would like to be able to see the USER name, user_name and email_address in that LISTVIEW. I have the related field built in my custom module, we’ll call it FOO. FOO is a relationship to the USER table and captures the id in an underlying user_id_c field. BAR’s LISTVIEW is great, but only links the USER name. I would like to add, at the very least, the USER user_name to BAR’s LISTVIEW.

I could really use some help with this.


you can use logic_hooks to achieve this
take a look at that information

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That is how I ended up solving it. Thanks!