How do i delete a user in Suite CRM ??

I am a beginner of Suite CRM.
So to learn the program i created a view test users.
Can i delete them somehow ??

Kind regards
Henk Borger

You can delete a user by clicking on it and pressing the delete button in Admin -> User Management. You cannot mass delete users or delete from the list view.


When i am in Admin - User Managment i can select the user but there is no delete button.
Using the delete button on my keyboard is not the solution.
What am i doing wrong??

Kind regard,
Henk Borger


I am sorry. But i found the solution.
The delete button is hidden under the edit button.
Thank you for the help.

Kind Regards.
Henk Borger

Please help why new user can’t login to CRM only Admin can login.

Have a look at password management section and check configuration.

Hi GroeNoord,
I am unable to delete the user from Admin->Usermanagment , there is no delete option hidden under edit button.
please help me.

Vishal Raj

You should be able to delete users in the employee module (index.php?module=Employees&action=index), you will be asked to confirm that the respective user will be deleted too.

Hi diligent,
Thank you for your response.
The delete user only possible by code customization or any manual option is their.
if any option is their like from code customization then give me the path of this.

User Deletion is not recommended as they may have activities into the system.
You can make then “Inactive”.


One more thing, if i inactive the user then he enable to login right,what error he face ?

You Can delete User from Admin → User management, then click on any particular user that you want to delete then Click on Action button ,here is delete option is their click on delete option to delete.