How do I create following report query from the GUI?

I’d like to report on which contacts haven’t been contacted (call or email) in the period from April 1, 2017 to date.
I’ve been able to get a report that shows who was called in the period but I can’t get the reverse ie. those not called.
I can’t find an operator or set of options to get this.
How can I do it?


How you are getting those who have been called?
From Reports module? or custom query?
Can you please share the report screenshot or query text that is working for now??


Thanks for your question @Sohaib.

I created the query using the report module & GUI.

I can get a count of the number of calls but unfortunately can’t get all the names. (I can get the contacts but not the leads but I can create another query for the leads)

I don’t seem to be able to find a way to add a screenshot to this discussion board so I’ll try to provide all the info below.

Report Module: Calls
Charts per row: 2
from left to right: Module|Field|Display|Link|Label|Function|Sort|Group|Format Options|Total
Row 1: Calls|Contact|Display yes|Link no|Label:Contact|Function:none|Sort:ascending|Group:yes|Format Options:none|Total:none
Row 2: Calls|Subject|Display yes|Link no|Label:Number of calls|Function:count|Sort:none|Group:no|Format Options:none|Total:none

from left to right: Logic Module|Field|Operator|Type|Value|Parameter
Row 1: Calls|Status|Operator: Equal to|Type: Value|Value: Held|none
Row 2: Calls|Date|Greater than or equal Type: Value| 03.04.2017 00 00|none


I get a total of all the calls with no contact (I assume these are leads) and all the contacts listed with the number of calls made to each.

I need to be able to identify who wasn’t contacted or the inverse of this list.

Thanks again.

we can write a custom query to do that. For this we have to create a separate entry point. There we can write our own code to get list of All the Contacts/Accounts who had been never called.
I can help you out regarding this.


Thank again @Sohaib.

I could write a sql query but I don’t know how to get this query to show up in the GUI.

If you can provide some guidance, I would appreciate it very much.

So I don’t waste your time on easy stuff, is there some documentation that I missed that would cover some of the basics?

One solution is to create the Custom View of the current list view and there you can apply a query filter.
Second solution is to create a simple PHP entry point and then only list down the Accounts/Contacts with the same filter query.
I can’t write all the code there. You know. It will take some time…


Hi @Sohaib
Thanks for your help.
So if I understand your suggestions correctly, it is not possible to create this report using the GUI.
I’m trying to learn about this as I go.

I was not able to find any documentation about “create the Custom View of the current list view and there you can apply the query filter”. I can’t find a way to create a Custom View from the report output list or design view. How do I do this?

Would this link Entry Points describe what you meant with your suggestions to create a simple PHP entry point and then list down the accounts/contacts with the same filter query?

Hi, Please check this link.

Select the files as per the list view.


Thank you Sohaib.
I have tried a few times to access this link but it always goes to When I search for the terms, I am not able to find the page.
So I looked at the wayback machine and found the posting but it is incomplete. It is missing the screenshots.
There is a partial article on It links back to the same post you have listed.
I feel like an idiot because I am not able to get to the page.

If your report is correct, to do the inverse have you tried entering:

Value: Not Held

under the condition regarding status?

If you want to issue SQL queries, maybe you can try this: