How do I create - custom calculations

Hi Guys,

i am trying to do calculations based on meet numbers but not sure how to do this?

For each meetings that sits, The salesmen gets £25 and for each one that closes he gets £50.

i need a way of having a running total for the month. keeping in mind some sales wont close for say 2 months,

I have 4 status’s: planned, attended, sold, lost.

So if we say that the salesmen books 60 meetings

Planned - 60 x £25 = £1500 (est earning)
Attended - 50 x £24 = £1500
Closed - 20 x £50 = £1000
Lost (record only)

Total = attended + closed = £2500

Whats the best way to do this, i.e Can i do this in reports or can i add an opportunity(automatically) to save time.

any help would be great!


Hi there,

This is leaning towards using opportunities. You may be able to relate meetings to opportunities and do some custom code to control the opportunity value dependent on the meeting values.