How do I add a chart in an Detailview?

Is it possible? Like for example, I want a bar chart with opportunities related to an account in the account editview?

If it’s possible, how do I do that?

Hi @Zetsubou5990,

As for now, there is no in-built feature in the SuiteCRM to add the custom charts in any SuiteCRM module.

However, there is a way around which you can use Google Charts in your dashlets.

Please check out this thread: How to add other charts in Report Charts, For ex. Line Chart, Bubble Chart, Gauge chart, Funnel Chart etc.

With this, you can not only add the bar graphs but pie charts, funnels, etc.


thank you for the reply.

Can I add a dashlet to a module instead? Is that possible?

There are iframe fields that you can use in Detail views to pull HTML from any entry-point in the system. You can produce a Google chart from one of those, and it will show inside the detail view.

If it’s a static graph, just add the field in Studio to the view and specify the URL that produces the graph.

If you need to pass some arguments into that URL, see this

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