How do for come back to the old search module system?

Hi everyone,

I am creating a fresh SuiteCRM version for an early migration. I come from v7.7 with some errors and I think that the best option is install a new version and then migrate customizations and data.

I could see the new search system for modules, it’s nice but not good to our work daily routine. We love the old advanced search option because we used it several times for get lesser results.

Now our workflow is more slowly.

How can I come back to the old search system? If could not be possible, we can’t never possible migrate to newer versions.

Thanks in advance.

Yes this is possible with 7.8 - If you look at the release notes for that version it will tell you all everything you need to know.


Sorry for don’t read the release :blush: i am a stupid

Thanks Camo.

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