How CRM create file in custom/modules/***/Ext/Languages/en_us.lang.ext.php

CRM automatically create that file.
That file makes me a problem. Each time when I make changes in Lables(LBL), because of that file CRM bring everything back.

I need to know where from CRM take data for that file, so I can change source of that data and it will fix my problem.


Usually files that are auto-generated in


will be created from files in:


For example, a file in:

Will auto-generate the file:

So, if you want to make changes to a file in:

You should do so in:

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You can also have a look in the manual at the following pages:…_Framework/Language/


Thanks for explanaition.

File /custom/Extension/modules/***/Ext/Language/…
Also autogenerated file. If I change that file, it will be changed back after next “Repair and Rebild”

I need to know file that is source for /custom/Extension/modules/***/Ext/Language/…

Have a look at the following hierarchy diagram taken from the SugarCRM Manual:

Link to manual page:

For some reason I can no longer click on the links I posted in my previous message, so I am posting them again here:

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Thanks a lot for help. I significatly improved in that problem.

So I moved/deleted files from custom/Extension/modules/AOS_Products/Ext/Language
And push “Repair & Rebild”. That completly solved a problem.

After “Repair & Rebild” new filed had not been created automatically, so folder Extension/modules/AOS_Products/Ext/Language is empty.
Will that cause problems in future?


It shouldn’t cause any major issues.

Off the top of my head, the worst I can think of would be having fields in your CRM with no label. (I.e, It will just show up in LBL_XXXXX format in CRM)
If that happens, you should just be able to create a label for it in either the CRM or Code.