How can you import projects or project templates?


When there are no projects or project templates listed within SuiteCRM you get the message:
You currently have no records saved. Create or Import one now.

When you click Import, you get an error: “Imports aren’t set up for this module type”
Also, projects are not listed in the Import Wizard as an option for import.

But the suitecrm User Guide reads: Projects > Projects Actions “Import Project – Redirects you to the Import Wizard for the Projects module”

I read a few posts about a generic method of enabling import for a given module but the instructions were vague and not specific to the projects module.

Is it possible to import a project or project template? If so, how? If not, does anyone know if some kind of add-on exists to allow importing of projects and/or project templates?

Projects have importing disabled by default but It is possible to enable importing by making a small change in the code.


var $importable = true;

after line 73 in modules/Project/Project.php

Do a quick repair and rebuild from the admin panel and you should now be able to use the import wizard on projects.

Thanks Andy. That worked perfectly.

Is it possible to do something like that to import Project Templates?