How can we link survey responses to contact detail page

Hello Community,
We want to get survey responses displayed for specific contact on its details page. We are collecting survey using
https://sugar_url/index.php?entryPoint=survey&id=3833fa0c-d889-8f2f-e54a-604459bf29f7&contact=contact_id and are getting the responses in survey module with contact name but we want to display the same on contact details page with its specific response.



hmmm, I don’t think it’d be possible out of the box, unless i’ve missed something obvious

As far as I’m aware, Surveys is sort-of a Campaign Type, (and is largely used in conjunction with Campaigns)

So most of the activity will be tracked on the Campaign/Survey records, and not directly related to the Contact
( Or occasionally on the Contacts->Campaigns subpanel )

Perhaps you could do it by creating a custom Subpanel?

I haven’t tried it myself, but you might have some luck with a custom SQL script that grabs information from the various survey DB tables
(Most notably “surveyquestionresponses”)

I think something like these may get you started, if this is the path you’d like to take?:

Ok let me try but all I need is to display contacts specific survey response in sub panel