How Can I view sent emails(not campaigns)

Is it possible to view emails sent from Suite CRM? If I click on the email tab, or view the email tabs on my dashboard they do not display anything. I often sent emails to accounts by clicking the email address in the accounts tab or going to the main email tab and selecting create new email. If I go to the history tab of the account, I can see the email, but I would like to be able to see all outgoing emails in one spot without clicking through each account, is that possible?
I do not have Suite CRM set up to receive emails, I only use it for sending emails is that the problem. Would be great to be able to see and track everyone I email in the crm.

I think you have to have a personal email account defined in the user profile to get the Emails module to show you that.

It might be possible to set up only outbound email, no inbound; or to set up inbound in a way that doesn’t really fetch anything (such as subscribing to an IMAP folder that has no action, instead of the Inbox).