how can i run schedule report every quarter


i want to produce quarterly scheduled report to run on every quarter start
but the only options i have in gui are the advanced that not saving this: 0 0 1 */3 *
or monthly weekly daily that gives a maximum of 31 days

any ideas ?

ok now it let me save the advanced
0 0 1 12/3 *

do u think it will work as expected ?

Nah I don’t think that will work*

Have you tried looking in the database to see how this is stored? Maybe you can easily enter your expression there.

yes it did save the:
0 0 1 12/3 *
in database

ill clone the instance and change date to see if it runs

I don’t think that 12/3 has any chance to work.

But if you know where this is in the database (where? please tell me so I can learn) you can edit it there and make it */3 which is what should work.

Table: aor_scheduled_reports
colum schedule

it did let me change directrly on database, but i cant test right now

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sorry to announce its Failed

i tried */3 and also 12/3 directly in DB
and changed server date

Sorry, I don’t have time to go looking into the code to check this out.

I guess those sorts of cron specifications aren’t allowed for the “months” field, only for minutes and hours…

A workaround could be to create a report every month, and then just disregard the ones you don’t need.

my solution :

create report
create 4 scheduler’s for the same report (using condition, equal to - period - this quarter )

1st at 1-jan
2nd at 1-apr
3rd at 1- jul
4th at 1-oct