How can i import many files at the same time in crm

i have a list of accounts (many different accounts) in Excel and i want to import all of them.
ii tried to import all of them but it didn’t work
All the accounts are on the same Excel file .

NB: When i import an Excel file with only one account it works without problem. But now my Excel file contains many different accounts

Can someone help me please?

are you talking about the regular, csv-based file import? In that case I assume that your csv is too large and takes too much time processing, so either a memory or time limit kicks in (would explain why it works for 1 record but not many of them).
Have you tried to decrease the number of imported accounts? Or, alternatively, have you tried another file? Maybe one of those lines in the csv is malformed?

yes it is about the regular csv-based file import
When i import the ccomplete file,the only thing i see is the heading of my csv file(for example customer , email etc) but the actual informations are not there

And the other suggestions? did you try another file from a different source to make sure it does not contain any “bad rows”?

i tried another file and it worked perfectly
the only difference between the 2 files is the number of accounts
the file with many accounts doesn’t function normally and the file with only one account functions normally

as already said, I would test with different file sizes. if you see that each file bigger than x records doesn’t work, it’s probably a php limit (max execution time, max upload size, etc.) that you can increase.

if you notice that the filesize is irrelevant, I would assume that the respective csv is not formatted well.

i nalso think it has to do with a PHP limit because i deleted some accounts in the file and the import functions