How can I edit the Calendar Attendees form to add a relation field (e.g. Contact -> Company Id) in


I’d need to edit the calendar view, invitee panel, to add a “company” quick search field so that I can find potential attendees\invitees directly from the panel.

how is it possible? I tried, after hours of googling:

  • to find custom views or information in the /modues/Calendar and /custom/modues/Calendar folders, but I couldn’t see anything that appeared to work for the case
  • to edit from Studio, but clearly there’s no Calendar modules

Can anyone help me?

Hi @feder_co ,
I think the Calendar module in SuiteCRM is a system module and cannot be edited or customized in Studio.

However, I think you can still add a “Company” quick search field to the invitee panel in the Calendar module by creating a custom module that relates to the Calendar module. Here are the steps I would try:

  1. Create a custom module: Go to Admin > Module Builder > Create New Module. Give the module a name, such as “Custom Calendar,” and select “Calendar” as the module to copy from. Save the module.
  2. Create a relationship: In the custom module builder, go to Relationships > Add Relationship. Create a relationship between your custom module and the “Accounts” module. Set the relationship type to “One-to-Many” and set the relationship name to “Accounts.” Save the relationship.
  3. Add the “Company” field: In the custom module builder, go to Fields > Add Field. Create a new field called “Company” with the field type “Relate” and select the “Accounts” module as the related module. Save the field.
  4. Add the module to the menu: Go to Admin > Display Modules and Subpanels. Find your custom module and select “Enabled” for both “Display Module” and “Display Subpanel.” Save the changes.
  5. Rebuild and deploy: After making these changes, you need to rebuild and deploy the changes to apply them. Go to Admin > Repair > Quick Repair and Rebuild, and then click “Execute” to rebuild the cache.

After completing these steps, you should be able to search for potential attendees by company in the invitee panel by using your custom module that relates to the Calendar module.

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