How can I copy a module

I would like to copy the module named Accounts, but i don’t know how i can do it, if i create a new module i saw the “duplicate” option, but this option is only available in the created modules, in the default modules i don’t see it. How can i copy it?
Thanks for your help.

This would require many customisations.

I would suggest simply creating a new module.

Creating a new module and having to be exactly like Account, would cost a lot of customisations, so if some one can explain how can i duplicate a module i will be very appreciated.
Thank you, Conan.

Did you ever find a solution for this?

Also looking for a solution to Copy existing modules and customize it

You can create a module using the account as template, have a look at using the module builder and selecting one of the templates.

If you require more assistance please open a new thread.