How can I change default dashboard but only for one user?

I am dealing with a special problem, namely that I would like to change the default tab of the dashboard (SUITE CRM) to another one called “Custom Dashboard”.
But I would like to do that for only 1 user.

How can I achieve that?

Another solution would be to delete the default dashboard for that particular user.

Any solution is highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

In the database, which you can access through phpMyAdmin or similar, the table user_preferences contains one row for that user (referenced in column “assigned_user_id”) that has a “category” column with value “home”. The “Content” column on that row contains the user’s dashboard settings.

I would prepare your Dashlet settings in one user’s space (your own, for example) and then go in the database and copy your user’s “Content” of “Home” into that other user’s row.

If you need to understand what you’re copying, the “content” is Base64-encoded, and it contains a serialized array.

In PHP, you can access it with

print_r(unserialize(base64_decode ($content)));

If you don’t want to use PHP , you can just grab the value from the database and paste it here, you can see it:

Thank you it really helps a lot.

Can I choose which dashboard should be shown and in what order?

Thank you again,

But it is not possible to change the default tab or delete is for one user?

I made a picture what i want to change, delete the default suite dashboard or made the dashboard default.

But where do i have to change the dashboard?

Now the default the suite dashboard but, i want to be my dashboard.

Different user name, but you sound like you are the same person?.. :huh:

I don’t know about default dashboards, try playing with the options and seeing what things look like in the database.

Im working on this whit my colleague…:smiley:

There are no options for the default dashboard this is the problem. I can add plus dashboards and delete but cannot change the default or delete the suite crm dashboard.

Have you looked at plugins in the SuiteCRM Store? I think there is one for this kind of thing.

Okay and which one? :smiley:

Use the search function in the SuiteCRM Store, or even on Google, it will take you there. I don’t know the details about these add-ons, you will have to investigate.