How can I add referrals?


I’m trying to make referrals with suitecrm, but I cant fogure it out.
For example if I have one contact and that contact has 10 referrals, how can I list all of them on the page of that contact, also when I click on the name of some of those referrals it would take me to their page, also on their page I would need to have field saying Referred by…

Any ideas how to do this?


Hi, Create a custom module “Referrals” and set relationship 1 to many (1 contact Many Referrals) .
Doing this you will have a Subpanel on a contact’s record from which you can open the Referral record as well.


Yes I know that and that is working just fine, but I have a problem with the importing contacts… I can’t make the connection between two of them…


By default you cannot do import along with maintaining relationships. There are several ways to get it imported with maintaining relationship.
Your referral csv should have a field which matches contacts name.
Import the contact records first. Then import referrals, it will check for the contact name, if contact found it relates the referal.

Other option is you can create a hook and check if new referral is created and it has a column “contact name” then relate it with the contact.

Yea I kinda figure that out, how can I make that hook? Thanks

You can go through this link