How can I add private in calendar


I am able to add new fields in SuiteCRM but how can I add a new filed (private) for calendar module, it is not available in Studio. When open the calendar and click the “Shared Month” and select the users, if particular meeting or event is private is checked how can I show busy instead of full details. Is it possible to do this?


Out of the box I do not think this is possible

You would need to investigate this with custom coding

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Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

Solved this one. I don’t know whether it’s good or not.

To make the calendar private, we need to include new field(private) in meeting, events, tasks and calls from studio. In SuiteCRM we can view the other user calendars by view the shared month or shared week. We need to show the calendar busy instead of showing the details when the event)calendar) is private.

After that modify load_activity method on Calendar.php (modules->calendar->Calendar.php), to satisfy your need.


Can you send me the code of calendar.php¿



Can you send me calendar.php to me too?