How can i add field in Convert lead module?

Hello all
First of all thank you all for helping me. Problem is when i am converting any lead to accounts then i want address fields at time of converting unfortunately its not showing in Convert Accounts but in Convert Contacts.
I am taking address as an input in (Lead Module) so that it should go as it is in Accounts Module at time of converting. Hope the scenario is clear. Please guide.

I tried using modules/Leads/metadata/convertdefs.php but what i am seeing is only labels not text boxes why ?

Those convertdefs only define the fields shown on the “convert lead” screen.

Have a look at this other file:

That big handleSave function, leading up to the copyAddressFields call, is where you need to make your changes.

They won’t be upgrade-safe if you just create a copy of this file in custom dir, it won’t work in this case. The only way to make this upgrade-safe would be to actually use the Extension mechanism to declare a new method in the class, overriding this one.

oh okay okay let me think more about it