How can I add a link to the folder on my server to my Suite CRM page


I am designing a page for my company. I need to add a link of my drawing folder in the office server to my Suite CRM module.

So, that when someone click the link, it directly opens the FOLDER ON THE SERVER.

Please help me with the same.


That might not be as simple as you think, because browsers tend to limit this sort of interaction from the “web world” into the “operating system world” for security reasons.

What are you talking about here? A Windows UNC path such as



Yes exactly something like that.

If you have any alternate option please suggest .


First, try to solve the problem of your browser, look online, for example:

It’s likely you will find suggestions to install some add-on. Once you can get your user’s browsers to open such links, from any simple web page you make just for a test, then you can worry about making SuiteCRM display the link.

One possibility would be this, but it really depends on which screen element you want to contain the link:

Our link to the server starts with file://

whereas the URL data type takes https://

Is there any way to accommodate file:// links

Please help. As I am new to Suite CRM

Again, this is a browser and OS issue, before it is a SuiteCRM issue.

Browsers are able to open file:// URI’s just fine.

Try typing this in your browser’s location:


Also, try putting it in Windows Start --> Run box, it should also work.

Note that the same thing as a link, might not work, due to security restrictions:

That’s why I said an add-on might be required. So search online for solutions tothese problems. As long as SuiteCRM gives you a link that works when typing it in your browser, or when using “Start --> Run” from Windows, then it is correct, and it’s as far as you can get with SuiteCRM only.