How can escalation the mail using suiteCRM

Hi every one,
I am using SuiteCRM ,It is very nice ,In this is one I have configured email setting and I successfully sending mails ,
Mostly I am using Case module here ,when I create new Case I have to send mail ,for that I have created “workflow” , In that workflow conditions are like when “priorty” is “heigh” and “state” is "open " mail has to go .

This all works I have done successfully .I am able to send the mail when I create Case .

But here I got one challage that is if I create “case” name called “TestCase” with “priorty” is “Heigh” and “state” is “Open” , after 120 min same case(TestCase) with “priorty” is “Heigh” and “state” is “Open” ,I have to send mail again to higher authority.

This we can call it as mail escalation .

Can any one help on it plz ?


Can any one help on it Plz ?
how can we do this ?