How am I failing this simple task? Please help!

Here’s what I’d like to do:

1 - Website visitor fills in form on website.
2 - visitor’s info gets collected in suite crm
3 - campaign email with tracking links gets sent to that lead

Here’s what I have done:
1 - Created 3 target lists (test, unsubscribe & actual)
2 - Created the email template
3 - Created the campaign
4 - Sent test to test list (worked perfect)
5 - Sent email to regular list (worked perfect)
6 - Created web form and implemented to website (worked perfect)
7 - Created workflow

  • modifies record to add lead source
  • adds relationship to the target list
    (worked perfect)

This is where my confusion begins. The workflow shows that it did its job. The campaign shows the lead. The target list shows the lead. So you’d think I should have no problem. However… The new lead doesn’t get an email. No emails are even attempted or added to the queue. It’s as if the campaign isn’t triggered by a new addition to the target list. Manually from the wizard, everything works just fine. I even checked the suppression list and the new leads aren’t listed there. I’m basically at a real WTF point.

I’ve deleted and reinstalled the crm 4 times with the same results. I’ve tried both email and newsletter campaigns. I’ve also run every repair link provided. Scheduler is set to as fast as possible for testing purposes. HELP!!!

If I’m not going about this simple task the correct way, I’ll happily try any advice at this point.

Why would you expect this to happen? That’s not the way it’s designed to work, and rightly so.

I came from the infusionsoft world. I’m brand new to this crm. Campaigns should track all leads that get thrown into them. If the goal of the campaign is to send an email to everyone in that campaign, why wouldn’t you want every new person to get that email?

Semantical arguments aside, how would you suggest I accomplish my goal?

I want a web form to deliver an email to opt-ins with tracking links. Without the need to manually send the email. I have 560k people who will be sent to this webpage. Even a small conversion percentage will make any manual process be unfeasible.

The process easily works without the tracking.

In SuiteCRM adding to a Target List is just a preparatory work.

The action of sending email will happen later, in several possible ways…

  1. Single email sent manually through Emails / Compose window

  2. Single email sent automatically through a Workflow

  3. Automatic Campaign sending an entire Target List

Maybe Workflows are good for you. I’m not too sure about the tracking part. It might be possible to send a tracking code through the Workflow, and track it in a Campaign (even if you never send the Campaign fully).

You’ll have to try some things out…

I was kind of afraid that was the answer. It seems like an antiquated methodology.

#2 - Single email sent through workflow.
That is how I was able to accomplish my task . However, tracking links are only created and used by campaigns. Sending the same email template through the workflow resulted in dead links.

I’ll move to the developer forum and see if someone can point me in the right direction to make the workflow and campaign work together properly. Thanks for taking a look.

Maybe you could try (I’m not sure it will work, just coming up with ideas)

  • create campaign, but don’t send it. My hope is that this will create a “trackable” entity

  • send your individual emails with a tracker URL that points to that campaign

  • track results within Campaign

Update: I’ve almost got it working. Right now all link clicks are attributed to a single test target and that target just racks up hits each time the link is clicked regardless of the unique identifiers on each link.

I need to find which function processes the tracking links. That way I can modify it to accept my new incoming variables properly.

any ideas where it might be?

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