Hosting Option

I am very new to software licensing details and just need some quick clarifications:

  1. if I develop customizations to SuiteCRM and provide to a single corporate client, GPL allows me to provide as a hosted solution without providing source code?

  2. if I develop as specified in (1) above, can the source code be provided offline? The point is I am prepared to provide code to the corporate client but not in a way every employee of that corporate client can make off with my source code

  3. whatever the answer is for (2), does it hold true in a situation where the the same customized SuiteCRM app is hosted for multiple corporate clients over the public Internet? (Yes I know this is in direct competition with what SalesAgility does, sort of)

  4. if SuiteCRM is based on a SugarCRM version that’s AGPL licensed, how come it can be licensed under GPL3, a less restrictive license?