Horizontal Subpanel Tab view vs Veritcal subpanel view suggestion

Prior to SuiteCRM and the SuiteR them we had been using a theme called Easy-Theme by www.datamain.it. The key feature that we have come very accustomed to is the option to have subpanels available in a horizontal tab view below the main module reducing the need to scroll to find the requried subpanel.

With SuiteR now released the advantages out way the continued use of the Easy-Theme theme, so on with SuiteR.

Not sure how others feel about the default vertical subapanels but my team here immediately caught the change of the displayed subpanels and asked if I can get the horizontal view back.

here is a screen shot of the horizontal subpanels below…

Hi SuiteConvert,

This is something I plan to implement in future releases, if it passes change control from the rest of the team.

It didn’t make it into the 7.2 release, as there was a specific deadline, but is certainly something I see as a benefit to reduce or have no scrolling.

I will keep users updated in the Responsive Theme topic.

Thanks for posting this!


Hi! Has this feature been implemented yet? Exactly what I am looking for.

Im actually getting ready to pay a developer to do this Will. Any idea if this is something to come sooner then later? Thanks Will

So was I. Apparently it looks like we need to modify some code that will make it non-upgrade safe. Hoping SuiteCRM will release it sooner. I have no issue donating for this feature to be implemented in the next release if that will speeds things up. We have over 30 modules with sub-panels in detail views. It is very time consuming going through all of them to say the least! lol.

Caesar305 I will split the cost with you if you would like to implement this sooner rather then later. Just shoot me an email if this is something your interested in dodom2 “at sign” ebscompanyky “dot” com

Hey, I tried emailing you but receive an Non Deliverable message, I’m sure I typed something wrong.

I would be interested if we can contribute it to SuiteCRM code and have it merged with one of their release branches. We have our own developer but I don’t want to take him off other projects right now.

been working on a solution to this for another client. if you are still needing this done, contact me at me@brianlasher.com and we can work some kind of price out for the code.

I need this too. Is Suite R still preferred over EasyTheme 2.5? Is it only because it is responsive? Will EasyTheme 2.5 even work properly with latest SuitreCRM?

i have a solution for this. email me at me@brianlasher.com so we can discuss

I’m also wondering if this has been implemented yet, it sounds very useful and I also really dislike how much scrolling is involved in the UI.

if you are using Suite_7 or Suite_R as a theme, you can try this…


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That sounds absolutely perfect, and yeah I’m using suite 7 I think.

lmk if you have issues. me@brianlasher.com

Thanks for this Module - It works great in SuiteP if you remove the Folder “Subpanel” (with Template) from Theme.

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font-family: Lato, Arial, sans-serif;
color from #555 to #534D64; in include/javascript/jquery/themes/base/jquery-ui.theme.min.css
change or remove Border

and it looks like this:

Thanks for this module blasher, makes a world of difference to useability.

Just one thing that stumped me for a while to get this working was to turn off collapsed subpanels in System settings.

I spent a bit of time thinking it may have been the latest upgrade so maybe that will help someone.

Does this solution still work for the current version?
How can I make my subpanels become tabs?