Home page slow to load

Version 7.10.9
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)


My users are complaining that the Home page is slow to load and I have identified two issues. The first is that, after the initial page load, (i.e. when the document.ready() function is called), the javascript calls a retrievePage(). This function sleeps for 300 milliseconds and then calls retrieveData(), which uses the JQuery.ajax() function to retrieve “index.php?entryPoint=retrieve_dash_page”.

Does anyone know why there is a 300 millisecond delay?

The second issue is that the result of the JQuery.ajax() function is passed to the JQuery.html() function, which renders the page. The problem with this is that it appears to parse the HTML and explicitly request all the javascript files referenced in that HTML, but it automatically adds a timestamp to the URL, which prevents the javascript from being cached. In the case of the home page, one of the files, sugar_grp_yui_widgets.js, is 300kb.

I have noticed other instances where this kind of delayed page load causes large javascript files not to be cached.

Can anyone suggest a way to speed up the user experience, other than re-writing the home page?



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