Home module going in Loop

Hi All,

Suitecrm Instance when i go on Home module going in loop check attachment for your reference and other default and custom modules working proper .

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Not sure if this will help, but. Try this solution:

Hi, I have exactly the same problem and can’t fix it.
Only Home module go into loop, other modules are working fine.
Tried to repair installation and many other things but no luck; just tried even the solution proposed in linked post but no good.
We have latest version of SuiteCRM upgraded starting from SugarCRM 6.2.1.
Any other solutions?

Just found a fix: renamed custom folder in custom.bck, refreshed the page and Home page loading correctly, rename again custom.bck folder in custom.
Only thing it seems that some customizations now are gone.

Try to narrow down to which part of your custom folder was causing the problem, instead of removing it all at once.

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Hi pgr, thanks for your reply.
As I told before: I only renamed the folder, refreshed the page to verify that homepage was working fine and renamed again the custom folder, so customizations now should be in place but it seems that suitecrm ignore them.

pgr you were right, now that I clicked on Save and Deploy on each module, customizations are back in place but the homepage issue is back again :frowning:

I just found the file causing issue: /var/www/sugar-dev/custom/include/MVC/Controller/entry_point_registry.php :grinning: