Home charts not showing

Hello all

We are running Suite CRM Versión 7.10.9, and I am trying to add the dashlet to the home page “all opportunities by pipeline and sales stage”.
I go to Actions-> Add Dashlet–> Select the chart I want… but then nothing happens.

Nothing shown in the log files, but in the console of the browser I can get this

TypeError: dashletEntire is null
addDashlet http://IPserverSuiteCRM/include/MySugar/javascript/MySugar.js?v=6-SpEtDlITX-OLoBS4R9KQ:68

Anything I can do to get the dashlet shown?

Thanks a lot!

What happens when you add other charts ? Outcome by month or Pipeline By Sales Stage ?
In your config.php file located inside CRM root folder, what is the value set for “site_url” ?


It can be an issue of this registered bug. https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/pull/7697