Ho do you represent the table data in the SuiteCRM module?

I’m creating a custom suitecrm module. Basically i want to store a table data in the module. I’ve attached the image of the table.

Any ideas on the best way to format something like this in the CRM? Do you know any Sugar/Suite CRM extensions which can help me?


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I was asking if Datables or any other table plugins can be integrated into the SuiteCRM?

Thanks for the help.

Did you manage to sort this?

I’m looking to do something similar.

Maybe I’m missing your actual question, but Modules ARE tables.

Create a custom package and in it create a custom module. Add a number of fields to it. Save/Deploy it.

Now open up your favourite MySQL admin tool and go and look at the database. You will find a table called something like “packagename_modulename” and it will contain the fields you added to your module.

If your question is how to display it as a table on the screen for editing, I can’t help, but would be curious to know.

If your question is how to store a table of information and have each Account (say) have a table, then I’m sure relationships would sort that out. You would normally add rows one at a time and all rows added for one Account would be associated with just that account via the relationship.

I think you may be misundersanding.

If you imagine an Excel spreadsheet…is there any way to have a custom module which displays something similar to an excel spreadsheet?

I’ve attached a photoshopped image to help you understand what I mean.

I am exactly in your same situation… need to represent a “table” input or a matrix like grid for getting user input and storing on my custom module. Did you finally figure out the way to do that?

Thanks in advance.


We did a custom page for one of our customer where they can store information in a matrix format. it was exclusive customization to have specific fields and view to enter like shown in below screenshot attached.

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That’s exactly what I need !

How can we get it? please

It was customized for our customer. You may contact us.

Hi hectorhcg,

Did you end up finding a solution? I am looking for the same thing now, I need a field that is like a table or spreadsheet where the user can enter inputs into the cells. I could hypothetically create a field for each cell but that would be a ridiculous amount of fields.

Hopefully it is okay to bump this thread since it has not been resolved (I didn’t want to start a new thread on the same topic).

Yes and no. I ended using an HTML field (with the HTML table within), a WYSIWYG field specifically…

Could you please help me by elaborating a bit on how exactly you did that?

I followed sugarmaister’s instructions in this post:
and that makes the html table appear within an editor, but it also has a sidebar on the left with a bunch of lorem ipsum templates you can click to insert. Anyways, the sidebar doesn’t matter because whenever I edit the table in the editor and save the record, none of my changes to the table get saved. When I go to the detail view for the record I just saved, the html table is exactly as it was originally, before any of my edits.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks

EDIT: I found the WYSIWYG plugin by urdhvatech, but it seems like it just offers a blank editor, not something I can put a default table into

Hi Jordan

I used Javascript (jQuery) to set default values for the fields (inserting HTML code) saving the file in <module_name>Edit.js

	var v_html = `<table style="border-collapse: collapse;" border="1"> ...`;
        $('#t_const_vit').html( v_html );

} );


I’m interested in what you shared here. I’m also trying to put a spreadsheet-like entry method in one of my modules. Is there any way you can elaborate a bit more?