History Subpanel - Values remaining

Dear Community,

recently I tried to remove the “Date Modified”-column from the history-subpanel.
I commented out the date_modified-arrays in six ForHistory.php’s (for Calls, 2xEmails, Meetings, Notes and Tasks) and the subpaneldefs.php of the history-module. I also changed the ‘order_by’ value in the subpaneldefs.php.
What happened is that the date_modified column lost its description and moved to the very right of the subpanel just before the edit/delete-button but the modified dates are still remaining in the Subpanel.

What did i miss? I don’t get why the values are still there…

Solved this one:

I missed the ForUnlinkedEmailHistory.php in Emails.
Once I commented out the date-modified-array in this file, the values disappeared.

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I tried this approach to remove the date_created field. It doesn’t work even though it worked fine for date_modified field. Values in date_created field still remain, do you have a solution to remove the date_created field along with values?