History report for a contact

Maybe I’m missing the obvious, but I just can’t seem to find it…

I’m trying to run a report that shows all of the history for all contacts (logged phone calls, emails) for a specific date or date range. Our client service folks run a similar report in Salesforce now…this is the last thing I need to replicate in SuiteCRM before we can finish the migration and retire Salesforce.

In a perfect world, I’d also be able to run that same report by a specific account, but for now it would do to just get all history and I can clean it up after downloading a csv.

Current version of SuiteCRM: 7.9.7

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

There may be an addon that does it? I use this : User Activity Tracker | SuiteCRM Module

But you may find this one more useful. ( Calls, Meetings, Tasks, Emails, Record Change Log.)