History panel - is there interest to make it editable in Studio?

As we all know, the History panel layout has never been something you can change in Studio -it is not in Studio at all!

And yet it begs to be changed - some folk want to add or remove columns: and anyway it’s weird at first glance that it has 3 date columns! not just 1 date column but 3 ! Too much on screen.

But we also know that folk say it is a hard page to change the code on behind the scenes, as it pulls data from several modules. ( I don’t know, I have never tried it).

Question 1: is there interest from any of you across the user base: to change this?

Maybe keep it outside of core, through a plugin, that would give Studio more power?

  • We could Open-source the result: and some of us here may be willing to contribute to dev costs?

Question 2: or (for those who have coded the Histpry panel): is it too hard technically to be feasible?

For background reading: Looking across the forums:

Andy (the very knowledgeable guy) explains why History panel is different to other panels:

History Panel questions sometimes don’t get an answer here - does that also point to the tech difficulty?

Googling wider: this guy has a recipe involving creating and editing lots of files, in a fairly repetitive way: if that works, maybe it is possible to code that up in a plugin:

Here’s a 2012 recipe for adding a Custom field to History/Activities panel