Hiring Dev for Workflow Module Customization -


Not sure if this is the correct place in the forum to post but im looking to hire a developer to customize specific workflows in SuiteCRM.
This project mainly involves the lead, contact, case modules.

Is there a list here of recommended devs or reputable members i can consult with?
If not this forum maybe somewhere else?

If this is not the appropriate section please do let me know and i will remove/repost somewhere else.


You can hire SalesAgility to do it.

Some other devs hang out in these forums, yes. There are also sites like Upwork.

Great… how do i contact SalesAgility for a quote/discussion?
Is there a particular person to ask for?
Thank you!

No problem, I’ll just get that person to email you privately using the email address you have in these forums.

@PGR Wouldn’t it be a good idea to separate Forum Support from Paid Customisations. I see that SuiteCRM has started Classes for End users to know the insight out but that is very basic and for out of box system.
Some people would need to adapt to SuiteCRM only after some small tweaks and customisations to the Out of Box system which they find “too complex” and thus a loyal customer/user/test is lost.
We can add a thread for this in forum ? what do you think?

Sorry, I don’t understand fully what you’re saying.

What I currently do here is that I give Forum support to everybody. If they seem to want payed services, I offer that possibility to them. We also allow others to offer them, we don’t monopolize the services here.

But it’s really up to each individual to decide whether they prefer Forum Support or payed support. Obviously, everybody prefers to save money, but also obviously, with payed support and payed developments you get a different service which might suit your business requirements a lot better.

But it’s ok for people to just say “no, thanks”, I’ll stick with free Forum support, and I normally provide it, to the extent that I know, and that it is possible.

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